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Do you never think about this fact: socials rules, works, scholarship… could make us less creative in our life?

By the way, if we will change this kind of things in our life, we just go out from our drawing life’s way !

Not everyone want that… but I just want to support that we are build by  » invisible » socials rules that give the society. This influences the way how we criticize, how we look about something, how we think! I try to argue this reflection and put it for the creativity of the people who live in a society like our western countries.

I think that education at school need to give more times for the creativity of the children. Also with creativity    the children learn how to resolve their problem and exercise their critized spirit.

Also creativity gives more objective view of the world. The child doesn’t have this picture of the things polluted by the society standardized.


I advise you to watch this video:


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